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Thread: TJ Rohleder - The Ultimate Swipe File 2

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    TJ Rohleder - The Ultimate Swipe File 2

    TJ Rohleder - The Ultimate Swipe File 2 [2 Ebooks (PDF)]

    T.J. Rohleder, Steve Harshbarger, and Jeff McMannis Present
    The Ultimate Swipe File 2

    I saw the first Ultimate Swipe File from TJ Rohleder here
    So I thought Id continue the collection. This ones 1669 pages!

    93 Pounds of the Best Super Market Tabloid Direct Response Marketing Ads Boiled Down on to One Compact Disc!

    Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Russ von Hoelscher, and other great direct response marketing gurus tell you to study the ads in tabloids closely. This CD contains the best of the best of the direct response marketing ads from 93lbs worth of super market tabloids that were subscribed to over a 4-years span. Now you can use the hundreds of ads on the CD when creating your own ads and sales letters!

    Code: Rohleder - The Ultimate Swipe File 2.rar.html
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