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Thread: DRM2.0 Direct Response December 2009

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    DRM2.0 Direct Response December 2009

    DRM2.0 Direct Response December 2009

    Tired of rehash material by new self-proclaimed gurus with no real experience?

    Here is stellar content by real and experienced direct response experts, each with years and years of success.

    Your team of experts:
    * Alan R. Bechtold (24 years of marketing success)
    * Mike Morgan (million dollar copywriter)
    * Erik Stafford (direct response branding expert with advertising agency background)
    * Lee and Robin Collins (wife and husband team who switched from online to offline and multiplied their business)
    * T.J. Rohleder (guest appearance teachings by this famous infomarketer millionaire)

    Table of Content (this torrent)

    * The main DRM 2.0 e-Learning Course, painstakingly ripped/assembled into
    1 beautiful PDF (186 pages), 21 short videos, 8 short audios

    Module 1 Direct Response Marketing 101
    Module 2 What You REALLY Need to Know About SRDS
    Module 3 How to use DRM 2.0 Even If You Don't Have a Product
    Module 4 Crafting Your Magic Offer for Surefire Profits
    Module 5 Creating Your First Real Mail Campaign
    Module 6 Implementing Your First Real Mail Campaign the Easy Way
    Module 7 How to Get the Media Promoting Your Business For FREE
    Module 8 Turning Offline Marketing Into Massive Online Profits
    Module 9 The Math of Marketing
    Module 10 Putting DRM 2.0 to Work for YOU

    * DRM2.0 Bootcamp Lite (6 videos, 14 PDFs)

    Week 1 Create the Offer and Marketing Campaign Outline
    Week 2 Implement Online Presence and Begin Branding
    Week 3 Offline Campaign and Customer REAL-ationship Building
    Week 4 Review Campaign Results
    Week 5 Lost Recordings
    Week 6 Give YOUR Campaign a Tune Up

    * One-Page Money Makers Course (10 mp3, 16 PDFs)

    Step 1: How to Find Your Hot Target Market
    Step 2: How to Find a Product They Crave
    Step 3: How to Design Your Web Site for Max Profits
    Step 4: How to Get Qualified Traffic to Your Site
    Step 5: Advanced Techniques

    * Hybrid Marketing Basics

    * Lots of swipefile material

    Templates for headlines, bullets, ads, postcards, etc.
    Incl. a report on "How to Make a Mint With Swipe Files"

    * Bonus Expert Interviews

    Lou Edwards: Offline Strategies Of a Multi-Million Dollar Internet Site
    Dave Lakhani: PR Strategies
    TJ Rohleder: Inside Secrets from the Master
    In some cases password : csaby
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  2. Copywriting and Conversion Coaching MMG V2 Now Open!
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    Re-up anyone? Old but still applicable and look at the people involved.

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