2017 Hinman Dental Meeting

Excellence Starts at HINMAN. Join us in Atlanta March 23rd-25th as we return to the Georgia World Congress Center and Omni Hotel at CNN Center for another year of world-class continuing education.
Delivering W.O.W. Service! People Will Forget Everything Except How You Made Them Feel Judy Mausolf
209 Secrets of Pediatric Dentistry: What you Werent Taught in Dental School! David Rothman
213 Oral Surgery and Dental Implants: Complications and Controversies Mollie Winston
214 How Todays Patients are Redefining Practice Expectations and Team Roles Imtiaz Manji
216 Would You Like to Dance? Social Media is Playing My Song! Laci Phillips
223 Game Changers - Practice Re-Imagination 2017
Mark Hyman
224 The Pain of Fear Stanley Malamed
226 Ouch, That Hurts! Assessing and Treating Dental Emergencies in Children David Rothman
300 High Impact Communication Lois Banta
304 Leaders of the Pride: Awakening the Instinctive Practice Manager in you! Katherine Eitel Belt
305 Head and Neck Anatomy: Clinical Application
Henry Gremillion
306 Bleaching Tips and Pearls: Single Dark Teeth, Sensitivity and Caries Control Van Haywood
307 A 360 Slam Dunk Guide for Successful Teams- Practice Enhancement Mark Hyman
309 Communications, Coding and Collections: The Three Cs of the Profitable Practice Laci Phillips
311 Listening: A Key to Influence. An Antidote for Conflict. Robert Spiel
312 Become the Awesome Dental Assistant Lori Trost
313 Dental Dynamics: An Ergonomic Approach Tim Pendergrass
315 Brainstorming is Dead, Try Rolestorming Rick Griggs
318 Implementing Hygiene Systems for Increased Efficiency Rachel Wall
321 Legal Updates and Trends for the Dental Industry
Stuart Oberman
324 Playing the Insurance and Accounts Receivables Game...Your Way Lois Banta

Patients Naomi Cooper
329 HAVE THEM AT HELLO!: Instinctive, Non-Scripted Phone Skills for the Exceptional Practice Katherine Eitel Belt
330 Local Anesthesia Potpourri: From Complications to Success Michael Falkel
331 R.I.S.E. to Success Systems and Strategies That Build High Performing Teams Judy Mausolf
333 Igniting the Leader in You Robert Spiel
334 Understanding the Business of Hygiene: Uncovering Opportunity for Growth Rachel Wall
335 Risky Business: Navigating the Georgia Board of Dentistry and the Litigation Process Shaun Daugherty
336 50 Plus and Now What? Overcoming the Mid- Career Maybe Imtiaz Manji
232a Dental Assisting Extravaganza - A Day in the Life of A Top Gun Dental Team Mark Hyman
232b Dental Assisting Extravaganza - Between a Roar and a Purr: Communicating with Clarity and Inspiration Katherine Eitel Belt
232d Dental Assisting Extravaganza - W.O.W. Service for the Dental Assistant Judy Mausolf

232e Dental Assisting Extravaganza - Become the Awesome Dental Assistant Lori Trost
232f Dental Assisting Extravaganza - The Passion- Centered Practice Gary Zelesky
233a Business Office Bonanza - Playing the Insurance and Accounts Receivables Game ... Your Way Lois Banta
233b Business Office Bonanza - Igniting the Leader in You Robert Spiel
233c Business Office Bonanza - HAVE THEM AT HELLO!TM: Four Steps to Exceptional New Patient Phone Calls Katherine Eitel Belt
233e Business Office Bonanza - The Art of Building a Great Team Laci Phillips
233f Business Office Bonanza - R.I.S.E. to Success
Systems, and Strategies That Build High Performing Teams Judy Mausolf
234b Prevention Convention - Dental Dynamics: An Ergonomic Approach Tim Pendergrass
234c Prevention Convention - Understanding the Business of Hygiene Uncovering Opportunity For Growth Rachel Wall
234e Prevention Convention - Hot Topics in Infection Control Nancy Dewhirst
236 Get a Little Closer: How Social Media Can Help Deepen Patient Relationships Naomi Cooper
238 TMD/Orofacial Pain Diagnosis and Management - Clarifying the Issues Henry Gremillion
244 Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Looking Beyond the Teeth and Saving Lives! Jamison Spencer
246 What to do When Implants Go Wrong Michael Pruett
247 Emergency Medicine in Dentistry Stanley Malamed
250 Dynamic Branding and Marketing: Bringing Your Story to Life Laci Phillips
252 Oral Surgery for the General Dental Practice
Mollie Winston
254 Tooth Bleaching: Bridging the Past to Future Trends
Van Haywood
258 Hiring, Firing and Discipling - Oh My! Robert Spiel

Successful Teams Mark Hyman
260 Conscious Sedation Permit Update Michael Pruett
261 Potpourri of Orofacial Pain - Case Discussions Henry Gremillion
265 Top 10 Management Tools for a Successful Practice
Lois Banta
267 Word of Mouth: The Secrets of Generating Referrals From Existing Patients and Through Online Reviews Naomi Cooper
268 Financial Decisions the Dentist Must Get Right: Real-World Answers to Dentistrys Tough Financial Questions Charles Loretto
269 Cardiovascular Emergencies in Dentistry
Stanley Malamed
271 The Motivated Mindset: Why We Do What We Do With Periodontal Diagnosis and Treatment Rachel Wall
272 Implant Complications Gordon Brady; Laura Braswell
273 3 Steps To Esthetic Treatment Planning: Making it Simple William Bruce II
274 Restorative Parameters for Esthetic Success: Smile Analysis, Re-contouring and Composite Bonding Van Haywood
339 Beyond Digital Dental Photography Bruce Edelstein

343 The Passion-Centered Practice Gary Zelesky
346 Buffering Local Anesthetic Hits its Stride Michael Falkel
347 Blue Ocean (Quid Novi) Innovation Rick Griggs
349 Hybrid Restorations: The Risk and Reward Ratio of Implant Placement, Material Selection and Design Terry Fohey
351 Local Anesthesia Technique, Anatomy and Physiology in the Digital Era Michael Falkel
353 CBCT, Changing the Realm of Diagnostics in Oral Radiology Allison Buchanan
354 Balanced Mastery: Are you Obsessed, Possessed or Blessed? Rick Griggs
282 Seminar: A Review of Intraoral Scanning: Scanners, Accuracy and Clinical Techniques Michael Scherer
283a Pediatric Dentistry Program with Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta - Secrets of Pediatric Dentistry: What You Werent Taught in Dental School! David Rothman
283b Pediatric Dentistry Program with Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta - Becoming the Pediatric Alpha Pup Jane Soxman
283c Pediatric Dentistry Program with Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta - Ouch, that Hurts! Assessing and Treating Dental Emergencies in Children David Rothman
283d Pediatric Dentistry Program with Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta - Know When to Hold Em and When to Fold Em Jane Soxman
283e Pediatric Dentistry Program with Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta David Rothman; Jane Soxman
287 Is the Mandibular Block Passe? Stanley Malamed
289 You Cant Have Implants, You Have No Bone! Or Wait, There May Be Something We Can Consider Gordon Brady
292 Meet The Expert - New Patient Experience
Mark Hyman
360a Lab Tech Day - Wisdom is Not Measured in Teeth
Joshua Polansky
360b Lab Tech Day - Re-Create Nature in Your Removable

361 S.I.L.V.E.R - The Business of Ownership and Transitions Imtiaz Manji
363 S.I.L.V.E.R - Successful Dental Partnerships: From Associate to Equity Partner Charles Loretto
369 The Periodontal Cosmetic Makeover Bruce Edelstein
370 The Dynamics and Function of the Masticatory System: The Multiple (Inter)faces of Occlusion Henry Gremillion
372 Ask and Ye Shall Receive! The Art of Getting to Yes
Mark Hyman
373 Owning Your Practice: The Key to Your Financial Future Charles Loretto
377 The Temporomandibular Joint: The Foundation of Everything You Do in Dentistry David Jones
380 A Retrospective Look at Orofacial Changes Over a Lifetime due to Airway Obstruction Daniel Dunwody
384 A Place for Zirconium Implants Gordon Brady
385 A Dentists Perspective on a Lifetime of Dysfunctional Breathing, Including Mine Tom Colquitt
387 Systems, Teams and Technology - Creating Balance Driven Success in Your Practice Laci Phillips
388 Great Photographs are a Click Away! Bruce Edelstein